Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The tomb of Rocky. R.I.P

Of course I will be talking about Rocky Balboa, Rocky 6 (can't believe such a long franchise... must be some hidden hypnotism thingy deluding the producers all this while...)

In any case, I was totally relief not to catch this in the cinemas and only caught it via some "internet-limewire-methods" =] and boy was it also a waste of my time, electricity and huge waste of PC memory.

It was very very self-centered, ego-maniacal about some Old Rambo (Ram-Ah-Pek) trying to relive his own lost glory. And it was all about him TALKING! Talking about his late wife... talking about the empty void, talking to some lonely single-mum chick (whom I think he's being secretly lusting after but still trying to be a gentleman... PUI!), talking to her son (whom he's ulterior motive is to earn some extra points to gain access to second base with the kid's mum), talking about how sad he is, crying out his pain of being so detach to life. Talking talking talking and then suddenly fight!

Yes it was like 1 and a 1/2 hours of some old man rambling on about his pathetic life and then suddenly an opportune fight with some black ultimate champion (which I must add he looks very flabby and on screen, looks like he has no muscle and seems like he lyposuck last minute to get "fit" for this role... very unconvincing) suddenly sprang up and you know the theme music starts and Ram-pek goes on a ridiculous crash course training and carried some incredily, unbelievable weights and then the fight and yeah yeah, we know how its gonna end. The black lypo-ed dude may won the match but Ram-pek won the hearts of the world. So predictable.

A friend ask me how much I would rate it out of 10. And I gave it a 5 and all this because of two things.. and they are... (drums roll)

1. The one scene where he spoke to his son (for once he sounds like a ta-po-kia) is worth the 4 of the 5 I gave the show... Here's how its goes

Ram-pek (in deep italian drawls...):"Iz nut how hard ya can hit, iz how hard ya can get hit nn kip goin forward.... ya not ya, boy... ya changed... dun blam other peeps for how bad things arrr... iz yourself tat makes ya place what iz iz."

2. The famous Rocky theme song gets the remaining 1. Truth be told, the start of the trumpets blowing did trigger off some adrenaline, especially the jogging up the stairs scene.

Alas... the good stuff only come like the final 20 mins of the movie and by then you are already wondering why didn't you go clubbing with ah-seng, or why didn't you just go home and watch beauty & the geek, which is actually not bad lei.